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Getting An Animal Rights Campaign Together


As an animal rights activist, your whole world is no doubt about getting justice for animals. However, there are many more things you can achieve if you plan your strategies and your awareness campaigns out well. You will need to start looking at your work and your campaigns as a business. Of course you will not be making money off it but you will be achieving your goal which is to reach as many people as possible. You will need to start by drawing up an action plan that will reach as many people as possible. It is advisable to stick with social media as much as possible because social media gives you the ability to reach thousands of people at the least amount of money with a single click of a button.

Getting your campaign material together

In order for you to have a solid campaign, you will need the right amount of material and the best kind of material. It is advisable for you to have a photography shoot done with the animals concerned at workshop spaces for you to have on your flyers. The best way to reach people is to show them the injustices for themselves. As Sir Paul McCartney once said, “if slaughterhouses had glass wall, all the world will be vegetarian” – in your campaign, you need to be those glass walls. Make the injustices known to people because the truth is, the only reason that most people are not in line with animal rights is because they do not know about the injustices faced by animals on a daily basis at the hands of humans.

If financially viable, have an advertising agency or an advertising person come up with the wording for your flyers. You may bring the animals to your hired photography studios and have a professional photographer capture pictures that are heart wrenching and tell the story that you are so badly trying to tell.

If you are trying to promote veganism, then it is important to show people the piglets, the calves and the young chickens that are being slaughtered to become their pork, their bacon and their veal. If your campaign is about adoption of animals from shelters, take some pictures of older animals that have been stuck in these shelters for years on end with no one adopting them because people are instead going out and buying puppies from puppy mills that abuse animals. The key is to reach as many hearts as you can with that one image to spread the truth about an issue that is close to your heart.

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